How to Work with a Freelance Videographer in Singapore

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Videos have become the latest force helping marketers to drive more traffic, click-through rates, leads, and conversions. With about 50% of internet users checking videos before making the decision to buy and six out of ten people preferring to watch online videos than television, you should not be left behind in using videos too.

Although anyone can make a video using a smartphone today, most of them are likely to be of poor quality and give your brand a negative image. One of the best way to make high-quality and winning videos is by working with a freelance videographer in Singapore. In this post, we bring you the special tips on working with videographers for better videos.

Incorporate the Videographer Early in the Video Production Schedule

When creating marketing videos, the entire process is set in the pre-production stage. Indeed, how well you prepare for the video is what will determine if it is effective or not. Therefore, you should bring in your freelance videographer early enough in the production cycle to enjoy the following benefits:

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Have a Clearly Set Operational Budget

Before you can commence working with a freelancer videographer, it is prudent to agree on the terms of operations, including the charges. So, start by setting aside the right budget for video production and agree on how much you will pay the freelancer.

To get higher value from your videographer, make sure to compare the charges with other professionals and pick the one who falls within your budgetary limits. Note that the focus should not be simply selecting the cheapest freelancer videographer out there. Rather, you should look for the best freelance videographer in Singapore with a good price tag on his services.

Create a Clear Channel of Communication with the Videographer

Creating videos is a process that includes pre-production, production, and post-production phases. During these three phases, the most important thing is how you communicate with the videographer.

Because you do not want the entire business to stop because of video production, you should consider designating a specific person who can provide the videographer with the information that is needed. The best option is creating a small team in the marketing unit so that the rest can continue operating normally. The designated person, department or team should have the following:

  • Be able to access the business information that might be needed to create the videos.
  • Have good understanding of the company history.
  • The persons should be knowledgeable about the company’s operations, products, services and culture.

Include Staff Orientation to Video Production

If you are new to video production, one question that might be running through your head is, “Will there be a time when I will be able to produce my own videos?” Well, you can achieve this goal gradually by including staff orientation or training in the contract details with the videographer.

A good videographer will not hesitate to show your staff the things that make a video great. For example, the professional will show you how to select a good video shooting location, controlling the lights, and scriptwriting. Remember that these skills require practice for perfection.

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Identifying a Good Freelance Videographer in Singapore

Now that you know how to work with a good videographer for marketing videos, it is time to get down and select the best one. So, how do you identify a good videographer?

  • Skills and Experience in Videography: The best freelance videographer should have all the skills and experience in creating the videos that you want. Furthermore, the freelancer should have the right tools, including cameras, video editing software, and lighting control components.
  • Ability to Create Different Types of Videos: To win more clients to your site or pages, you should consider using different types of videos, such as product reviews, and interviews, among others. So, you might want to check previous videos that the videographer had created for other clients.
  • Goal-Oriented: A good videographer should be committed to helping you realize your brand’s mission. This implies telling you the truth, including where it does not appear very pleasing. For example, most marketers are focused on cutting costs and could easily compromise the ability to realize the results. Therefore, go for the videographer who is ready to go out of his way to ensure that your goals are realized.
  • Ready to walk with you through the Entire Marketing Journey: As we mentioned earlier, videos are created as part of content marketing campaigns, so the selected freelance videographer should be able to walk with you all along. For example, if you need to create weekly videos for your brand, the videographer should be ready to stick with you, reviewing progress and making appropriate adjustments where necessary.

When you decide to work with a videographer, it is prudent to understand how to work with him/her for top results. The secret is identifying the best videographer, drawing clear goals, and setting and reliable method of communication.

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