The Five Phases of Video Production Demystified

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If you are a brand manager or digital marketer, you are probably either making or planning a marketing video. Unlike any other time in the past, videos have become a central component in marketing that no marketer wants to miss. Today, about 87% of digital marketers indicate they prefer using videos in their marketing campaigns because they are very effective in growing brands.

The high potential of the video means that everyone is racing towards creating videos and using them to drive traffic and increase user engagement. So, what are the main stages of producing a great video? In this post, we will take you through the five main phases that you should follow to create a winning video for marketing campaigns. Note that all videos, no matter the length or purpose, must go through these phases.

Phase One: Development

This is the first stage of video production, and it involves coming up with the idea of developing the video of interest. At this point, the idea might not be so refined, but you need to start figuring out about the entire process that awaits head. Here, it would be best if you asked yourself the following questions:

  • Why do you need a video?
  • Who is the target audience for the video?
  • What actions are you looking forward from the targeted audience?
  • Where will the video be published?
  • What are the distribution and marketing plans?

At this point, you should bring in a product video production expert in Singapore so that the answers to the above questions become clearer, allowing you to come up with more refined details, including the production schedule, idea, timeline, characters and cost.

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Phase Two: Pre-Production

This phase takes over from the development stage, and it involves getting into finer details of the video production process. Here, you do everything that is needed to prepare for the subsequent phases of video production. This means that by the time you are through with pre-production, you will have established everything that is needed for the entire process, including the following:

  • Script writing.
  • Creating storyboards.
  • Creating production schedule.
  • Auditioning the needed talents.
  • Preparing the crew to be involved.
  • Securing the equipment.
  • Identifying the right location.

Although a lot of decisions will be made along the way, the most crucial ones are drawn during the pre-production stage. So, make sure to pay a lot of attention to the pre-production phase, especially when drawing the goals and objectives.

Phase Three: production

During the production phase, this is where the cameras roll, or you create the animations, among other tasks, depending on the type of the video you are making. The camera crew start filming the segments of the videos, and following the pre-drawn schedule, making sure to get it right on the following aspects:

  • Lighting.
  • Angles.
  • Location.
  • Background.
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During production, the video production team works together to provide the best shot. Ensure that everything is counterchecked against the pre-drawn checklist to create high-quality videos.

Phase Four:  Post Production

After shooting the video segments in the selected locations, everything shifts to the post-production stage, where the final product is created. In this phase, your video clips are refined using video editing programs that help to control different effects. For example, the editor will add music, audios, and colors to the video. The aim is refining the video so that it can create the anticipated mood and drive the targeted message with precision.

The video production expert will also optimize the video for SEO by adding appropriate titles, tags, and descriptions that make it easy for search engine bots to crawl and render it to visitors. This stage is very important and should be done by an expert in video production and digital marketing.

Phase Five: Marketing and Distribution

The process of video production cannot be complete until you publish the video for the targeted audience to discover it. So, if the video will be released on social media like Facebook or Instagram, you might want to start marketing it early to prepare the targeted audience on what is coming.

Before launching the video, set the tracking and analytics metrics well so that you can follow how it is being shared, related mentions, click-through rates, generated traffic, and conversions. Finally, upload the video, and ask your friends, including staff, to start sharing it on their networks.

Work with Experts to Craft the Best Videos : Product video production in Singapore

Looking at the above five phases, there is no doubt that the process is a technical one. But it is a necessary undertaking that will help to place your brand ahead of competitors. To get it right on all the five phases of video production, it is important that you work with an expert agency in product video production in Singapore.

Agencies are made of experts with years of experience in video production, so you are sure that the entire process will be smooth and easy. Further, they can train your staff about video production, giving you the assurance that at some point, you will be able to produce your own videos.

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