Preparing Pro Videos: The Four Golden Steps

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Videos are crucial additions to your marketing campaigns, and should be considered part of brand investment. Search engines love videos, they help to build trust and engagement, and can boost conversions by up to 80%, especially when used on the landing pages.

To get your video projects underway, there are some crucial components that must come into place. Whether you are working on corporate videos or product review videos, the following are the four golden steps that you need to follow.

Step One: Pick the Best Video Stories

A video is nothing if it does not have the right content to support it. Therefore, you should start by understanding what constitutes a great business story.

To do this, you should get into the targeted viewer’s shoes and think about what he/she would find interesting. This involves understanding the targeted audience well so that you only present what is helpful. For example, your viewers might be interested in sales figures, business statistics, or understanding the organization’s culture.

No matter what your company video is about, you have the opportunity to bring out the most captivating story to your target audience and make them more captivating with unique visual, music, timing, and storytelling.

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Once you decide it is time to incorporate videos into your branding strategy, it is advisable you contract a good video producer to get the core concept right. For marketers doing it for the first time, the producer can be very useful at this stage because he can even show you samples of great videos that worked.

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Step Two: Pick the Right Video Characters

Once you have defined the video story, the next step is selecting the right characters. Here, you want your brand video to look as authentic as possible, and choosing the right characters will help you to achieve that.

Notably, selecting the characters to use in the video can be really tricky. A lot of companies make the mistake of simply handpicking the departmental leaders, believing that they will automatically be the best. However, you should focus on picking a person who will not feel uncomfortable; even if it is a junior staff so that the message becomes as clear as possible

Step Three: Select a Good Shoot Location

Another consideration, which is very important in determining the mood of the video, is the location. You should select a location that matches the theme and story of the video well. So, simply ask the question, “Does the location make sense based on what you want to communicate with the video?”

If you opt to shoot the video inside the building, it will be very different from recording in the park. When selecting the location, you also need to think about the interview background, which should help to advance the story you are telling instead of being a distraction.

Step Four: Develop a Production Schedule

One thing you need to appreciate is that video production as part of your marketing campaigns requires a lot of planning. With limited resources, understanding how and when everything should happen is paramount in getting the task done.

Although it is true that every video should have its own creative approach, the schedule you create revolves around the same things, including location, people needed, date, and time. Simply put, the video production schedule tells you what should happen at what point and where. So, be as detailed as possible so that you are sure of completing the task as scheduled.

Why You Should Work with a Professional Video Producer in Singapore?

Looking at the requirements for making a great video, you will agree with us that it is not a simple process. To get the best videos, you should consider using a professional video producer in Singapore. Here are some of the key reasons why a professional will come in handy to help you make a winning video:

  • Vast experience in handling video production: While the process of video production is indeed lengthy and complex to many people, it is simple to experts because that is what they are trained to do. Good producers will bring in a lot of experience that you can rely on for a great video.
  • Have all the tools and expertise: To shoot a video for marketing campaigns or other purposes, a lot of tools are needed. From cameras to reflectors and editing software, you need to have everything. When you have a video producer in Singapore, there is no need to worry about the equipment because he will come with them. Therefore, there is no need for an extra budget to buy the equipment.
  • He can tell you the mistakes to avoid when creating a video: Having worked with different clients, a good video producer will have seen all the mistakes that others have made and helped you avoid them. For example, the producer will tell you what background, lighting or characters to avoid for a video to be more appealing.

When you are preparing to produce a video, it is crucial to start by ensuring that everything is in place, while maintaining your eyes on the final goal. The best way to achieve this is by working with the best video producer in Singapore.

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