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VLOG #2: 5 reasons why video is important for your business

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Hi, it’s good to see you here!

My name is Romain and today I’m taking you to one of the most incredible places in Singapore. At least, one of my favorites! Let me show you. Yes, we are going there!

And here I am, at the Pinnacle@Duxton! It’s 50-storey residential building with seven towers linked together with two skybridges. One at the 26th storey for the residents, and one at the 50th storey at the top for the public, where I am right now.

And it’s incredible! You can have views on Singapore like nowhere else. You can see the central business district. You can see Chinatown and the heritage shophouses. You can even see the container ports of Tanjong Pagar, and on a clear day you can see Malaysia, Indonesia. And every time I come here I am almost alone. Most of the people will go to Marina Bay to see the Marina Bay Sands building or the skyline, and less people know this place.

And what’s super cool here on top of, of course, having these beautiful views is that there are many corners where you can sit, reflect, think and… record a video!

Alright so… I wanted to come here of course to enjoy the view but also to talk to you about why I think video is important for your business. In the last video I told you it’s important. OK, thank you Romain, but now explain to me why… And I have 5 reasons for you today.


The first reason is that video is probably the most consumed form of content today, and that’s pretty normal right. We’ve all grown up watching TV with movies and TV shows and there is such a connection between humans and video. Because in the end that’s the form of content that represents real life the best. And also it’s the best form of content to educate and entertain at the same time. And hopefully, this video does the job!


And the second thing is authenticity. I think video is the best way to provide authenticity about yourself, your brand, your business because it’s easy to hide behind a nice image or a nice article. But when you film yourself, when you talk to your audience, you’re showing your true self, and I think video is the best way to do that. Definitely!


I really like this corner in particular! The third reason is that video engages. And I think you can definitely understand this one when you look at your social media feeds. Actually social media, they prioritize video because it’s the form of content that engages the most. By engagement we mean people react with the video. They leave a comment, they give you a like. Actually let me tell you a story… I published my first video here on LinkedIn just a few days ago and within three days: more than 8,000 views. And I didn’t do anything like paying for an ad or whatever, and I have way less than 8,000 contacts on LinkedIn. So video engages, people are more inclined to share, to like, to comment because, again, of that connection, of that authenticity that it provides. Keep that in mind!


And the fourth point is that video is fun to create. It opens up to a lot of creative options. And you know, I think gone are the days of the corporate videos with stock footage and voice overs of people that don’t even belong to the company. You know, you can open up to such an amazing array of possibilities with video. You can take your camera like what I do right now and talk to it, to share it on your LinkedIn or Facebook or whatsoever. And you know, you can innovate, you can create different types of content and just experiment. Basically… sky is the limit!


Let’s enjoy the fifth and last point which is that video has never been so affordable to produce. And in fact you already have a very nice camera in your pocket, you know. Smartphone these days can do amazing videos. Just take care of the storytelling of course and a few other basics like sound quality which is very important, but that’s affordable to everybody now. Everybody can produce amazing content and share it instantly on social media, or any other platforms. So… basically you have no excuse!

OK, yes, maybe you need guidance and advices on how to produce an engaging and impactful video – I can help you with that – but anyway all the tools are here, affordable and easy to use so… why not getting started? I hope you learned something today.

Thanks for watching and thank you very much for watching my previous video and liking it, sharing it, commenting it. I really appreciated the support and surely I will continue to do videos in other places of Singapore and… probably come back here because I really like this place. I really recommend you check it out.

Any for about these five tips? Use the comments in this video and I will see you in the next one.


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