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VLOG #1: Welcome to the VLOG and Happy 2020!

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Hi, it’s good to see you here!

My name is Romain and welcome to this video series that I’m starting today on LinkedIn.

So the year 2020 has just started and you might think that I’m starting this small series as part of a list of new resolutions.

Well… yes and no! I’ve been actually wanting to do this for months since I finally started my own business in video production earlier in 2019.

I basically help companies get an impact through videos that inspire, delight and engage their audience and help them grow on the long run. And what a better way to share my knowledge with you on that topic than this little video series?

I think I felt a few drops… That’s rainy season right now in Singapore so let me just find a sheltered place for a while.

So yeah, the idea is to use this little video format to share some insights about video and how, in my opinion, you should clearly consider it to grow your business or whatever activity you’re in because in my opinion, still, if you’re not using video today to grow your business you’re clearly missing on something.

Allright, it was just a few drops in the end, so let me go back.

Oh and yeah, I might just use these videos as well to show you beautiful Singapore! You know, I’ve been living here for the last 9 years and… far away from my home country which is: FRANCE. Maybe you can listen from my accent that I’m not local… And… Yeah, just want to show you this beautiful country!

So, stay tuned for more content and last but not least: I wish you a fantastic New Year filled with joy and successes!

Thanks for stopping by. See you in the next one!

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