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VLOG #5: 2 quick tips to make your thought leadership videos impactful

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Hi! My name is Romain and welcome to this new VLOG episode, that I publish way later than expected. I’ll tell you why.

I hope you’re doing well and that life has resumed to a certain level of normality for you. We are not done with the virus and in Singapore masks are here to stay, but now at least I can go out and shoot videos again, which feels so good!

But you know what, I’ll just remove the mask for the time of this video as there is nobody around for now. Today I’m working from this nice co-working space which is a great setting for videos, by the way.

In my last video I was telling you how to record great videos of yourself from a technical point of view. By the way if you missed it, make sure to watch it after this one. At the end of that video, I told you that in the next one we’ll discuss how to deliver your message in a clear and engaging way. Because of course good lighting and sound matter, but in the end your content still is king. It’s where you need to put the biggest efforts to get success from your video. By success I mean: of course all these things that we want right: likes, shares and comments, but as a business you also want to increase awareness around your product or service, generate leads, create discussions and eventually getting more clients and revenue.

And you know what, I have procrastinated for weeks after the last video. I wanted to create a very detailed one on this topic, with many tips and advices, but at the same time I know that people prefer bite size content nowadays. We all have busy lives and our attention span is so short; and while my last video has been well received by my community, it was 10-minute long which actually is the duration limit for a video on this platform.

So it made me think and I decided to change my strategy. I want to create more useful content for you, shorter and in a more regular way. I truly believe this is the way to go with video today. So, you can expect a new video in the VLOG anytime a new idea pop up in my mind about a certain topic.

And really, this is my first advice on creating engaging videos for your audience. Make them easy to watch, and easy to understand.


  1. Make them short. For thought leadership videos like this one, the sweet spot seems to be between 1 to 4 minutes. Of course it depends on the amount of information you want to share, and for other types of videos you might need to do longer, let’s say for example: product reviews. One study has shown that videos under 2 minutes get the most engagement.
  2. 1 video, 1 idea (or 1 question). It’s super important to keep your message simple for your audience and not dilute it with things that are not important or not directly related. For example in this one, the question could be: “2 quick tips to make your thought leadership videos impactful”.

See? And I just answered that so it’s time to wrap up. Of course there is much more to say on this topic. It’s gonna be for next videos, so stay tuned and let’s continue the discussion, feel free to ask me questions here in the comments, and don’t hesitate to share and tag someone in your network that would benefit from this.

OK, time for me to go on with my day. Thanks for watching, take care, and bye for now!

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